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The Story

Welcome to Evade

The First Freerunning company in Australia.

We are an established Parkour/Freerunning Family and Official clothing label that are here to help you find your path and express your freedom.

The Journey began with an early Australian explorer/pioneer back in 2005 with a small group of friends and a video that would change the way they viewed the whole world. As inspired young men they progressed through this new found movement and started to achieve what once looked impossible. Time passed and everyone went there separate ways, but he kept pursuing and pushing the limits with the movement. With a new eye for the environment and a passion that fuelled his dream everything became a possibility and his vision was captured to inspire.

It was in 2009 when our logo was created. A symbol that reflects what we do, and a name that connects with our movement. ‘EVADE’ was the simple and single word that came to mind. ‘To Escape’ a prefect meaning to build our family and philosophy on. From that moment on the brand was born and the idea became reality. Over the years the company has grown and the label has become something more than just clothing for our fellow tracers and freerunners to wear with pride. It’s a meaning to our lifestyle and helps represent our movement.

Our Philosophy: Be an inspiration to other’s, and march to the beat of your own drum. Persevere and take the time to aspire to be who you really are. Live each day like it’s your last fullfilling your dreams and goals you have set in your life, and be the best you can be as you venture on your chosen path. Rise Above to Express your Freedom.

The Team

The Evade Family is a group of disciplined young athletes from Australia with a passion to help create new innovative ideas for all to see, relate to, and connect with through the art of motion.



Our vision for Evade is to see our Brand become well recognised in the parkour/freerunning world, and a label that defines our movement. We want to inspire the next generation of young athletes around the world to help the movement progress to a whole new level. Our mission is to create ‘The Evade Freerunning Academy’ a place where we can teach and mentor athletes and students from all walks of life in a safe and fun environment. As a long term goal we want to help build and create parkour parks in Australia so everyone can jump in at their leisure. A project to contribute back to the community that has helped support us.


To our dear readers thankyou for your continued support and for helping us ‘Leave our Mark’ on the world.









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Evade is a family of Athletes from Australia who have come together through their individual movements in Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking. Each one of them have come from different walks of life, but have built a foundation to bring what we love together. The Evade Team are readily available for any variety of work across the globe including all forms of media, performance, film, photography, events, and coaching. Have a look directly below for a list of clients whom we have worked for.



Client List

Run Free.

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Forever Young.


The map below shows you one of our favourite training locations. A great place to hone your skills.

Contact Details

You can contact Jesse Turner using the following details, or send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the site!


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